The Statesman Vintage Car Rally Kolkata 2014

Vintage Car Rally, Kolkata 2014 | © Koustav Ghosh

I am writing a new post after very long time. May be after many months. Yes, I want to share my experience I got in my journey of life, as a photographer, as a human being.

As the title says this post is about the Vintage Car Rally organised by The Statesman happens in Kolkata every year in January. I visited this rally last year on 2013 for the very first time. I was really very much excited about this, not only because of photography but also getting a chance to see those vintage classic cars. I was awestruck by the presence of innumerous photographers of Kolkata. However I managed to get some frames for me. Here is a photograph from last year vintage car rally.


So this year I wanted not to repeat my frames. In this one year, I tried to develop myself as a better person, better photographer. I learned new things, learned from my mistake.

Vintage Car Rally, Kolkata 2014 | © Koustav Ghosh

Vintage Car Rally, Kolkata 2014 | © Koustav Ghosh

and a second photograph from this event.

Vintage Car Rally, Kolkata 2014

Vintage Car Rally, Kolkata 2014

Hope next year I will find some new frames.

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The Statesman Vintage & Classic Car Rally, 2013

Like every year The Statesman organized The Vintage & Classic Car Rally. The event took place at Fort William, Kolkata. It was my first time to this event. I woke up early at 5:30 am and went for it. The event was said to be started around 7:00 am.

You need pass to enter this event, although the passes were free and those were available at The Statesman office, Esplanade. When I entered, I was puzzled by seeing so many photographers with thier big lenses and camera. I hardly found any car without any photographer. I paused for a while, took a look all around and finally took out my point & shoot. It was hard to find a frame without any photographer. I intended to take close up shots.

The cars were classic. They were so colorful, vibrant. The owners of the cars came dressed up in vintage fashion. It was a wonderful experience for me. I am sharing some photographs I took that day.





Photo Courtesy: Koustav Ghosh Photography

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Aru Valley | Boy with his Horses


Kashmir Diary:

Kashmir is really the ‘Beauty Queen of India’. Yes, I realize that when I visited there last month. It was a wonderful experience to see such scenic beauty out of celluloid screen and other blog posts. I went there with my mom and dad along with a tourist party.

We visited Pahelgam. A small place of around 2-4 km. It is a beautiful place to spend time. We reached there by night and it was cold out there. The next morning we went to visit three popular sites. One of them was Aru Valley. It is a beautiful valley. There are mountains range all around. Its like they are the guard of this place. I tried to capture some moments from there. In this photograph a boy was going with his two horses. These horses are the income source for the locals. This is how they earn their livelihood. It was really an amazing place.

Photograph courtesy: Koustav Ghosh Photography