Golden Temple

One of the most amazing places in India is Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab. Posting three photos I took there.

And the night view

Photography Courtesy: Koustav Ghosh Photography

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Aru Valley | Boy with his Horses


Kashmir Diary:

Kashmir is really the ‘Beauty Queen of India’. Yes, I realize that when I visited there last month. It was a wonderful experience to see such scenic beauty out of celluloid screen and other blog posts. I went there with my mom and dad along with a tourist party.

We visited Pahelgam. A small place of around 2-4 km. It is a beautiful place to spend time. We reached there by night and it was cold out there. The next morning we went to visit three popular sites. One of them was Aru Valley. It is a beautiful valley. There are mountains range all around. Its like they are the guard of this place. I tried to capture some moments from there. In this photograph a boy was going with his two horses. These horses are the income source for the locals. This is how they earn their livelihood. It was really an amazing place.

Photograph courtesy: Koustav Ghosh Photography

Hello World

 Perhaps the most common and familiar word ‘Hello World’ to any web users or any programmers or say any person who knows programming in any language or started or tried.

 Well nothing much to say in my first post. More to come. Follow my blog I’ll say.

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